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Prime-C carries out the process of importing CBD products in addition to offering FREE registration with ANVISA which issues Import Licenses for cannabis products in Brazil.

Buying process


Medical consultation and prescription

Required information on the prescription:

  • Full name CRM, CPF and full address of the prescribing physician

  • Patient's full name

  • CBD product description for importation with presentation

  • Amount to be used per month and year

  • Dosage

  • Consultation date

  • Doctor's stamp and signature


Choosing and ordering products on the Prime-C website

The patient enters the Prime-C website, searches for the prescribed product and contacts our sales team via Whatsapp or email.


Sending patient documentation

The Patient sends the documents necessary for the importation process:

  • Medical prescription

  • Completion of a simple and specific power of attorney for Prime-C to facilitate the importation registration with ANVISA. If the patient already has a registration with ANVISA, the patient must send it to our sales team along with the medical prescription.



When all necessary documents are provided by the patient, our team will process the payment for the requested product.

Payment can be made by PIX, TED or credit and debit card.


Import and delivery

After the payment is identified by our team, and the required documentation is checked, the Prime-C sales team will send the invoice with the patient's name and start the importation process.

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